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Terbium oxydatum

Terbium oxydatum
Case by Jan Scholten

Self-Control to Avoid Abuse 

A Case of Crohn's Disease

Jan Scholten, Netherlands



This case is an example of how using the Stages within the periodic table can lead to a successful prescription. The Lanthanides appear to be strongly indicated for autoimmune diseases, and the case of Crohn's disease de­scribed here illustrates this.

KEYWORDS: Elements theory, Stages, Lanthanides, Terbium oxydatum, Morbus Crohn



The Lanthanides are a very good example of the strength of the Elements Theory. The differentiation between the Lantha­nides is for the larger part done by the Stages and to a lesser extent with the themes and symptoms from the provings.


Case History

A man of 55 years of age has been suffering from Crohn's disease for ab out twenty years. The first five years were really bad, with severe inflammation. He was treated with cortisone, which made him worse: he ended up being unable to walk. Then he decided to stop the cortisone, much against the will of the doctors. He also rejected a colon resection. Since then he has an exac­erbation once every two years: severe diar­rhoea, stools are watery and sour-smelling, with a lot of blood and mucus, sometimes very light, even white, worse from cold beer and from spinach. He can feel in his abdomen where the spinach iso He tried many kinds of treatment like Chinese herbs, Swedish herbs, chiropractic therapy and vitamins which helped in part. He also on ce tried group psychotherapy, but stopped it after he had been the centre of a role play. He lost his self-control and had the feeling of falling into a black hole, as if he feit he no longer existed as a person. He decided never to do such a thing again. Self-control is very important for him. He's been using avatar techniques for ten years. It's difficult far him to be in a vulnerable position, to open his heart to other people. He then gets the feeling that they want to take everything from him, that he will be sucked dry. If he is too open all the shit will come out. This state is also the resuIt of his marriage. His wife was very egocentric and lazy. He had to do the housework and cooking after coming ho me from work. She se­duced him into buying a bigger house with a better kitchen, with the promise that she would do the housework. Later she seduced him in a similar way into having children. After three months of marriage he already wanted a divorce, but she succeeded in get­ting him to stay for twenty years.

He was also abused by the company he worked for, for twenty years. He had in­vented a lot of things, but wasn't getting the salary that was appropriate to the qual­ity ofhis work. After six years of lawsuits, he managed to get a quarter of what he was en­titled to get from the patents. He felt unim­aginably rejected. He follows his own mind and knows what he wants. He developed himself spiritually with the help of a friend and is ta king a training course to be a yoga teacher. He hardly ever expresses anger, but when it does arise it is like an explosion.

He was a dreamer as a child. At school he used to perform just above the level that he had to achieve. In his father's eyes he never measured up to his sister. His father was very c10sed and stopped kissing him at bedtime when he was six, saying "You are a man now". From then on he wondered what he was doing in this world, asking himselfwhy he should behave as an adult.


Family: 3 siblings have u1cerative colitis or Crohn's disease; Down's syndrome.
His ex-wife left the care of their second child to him; she is a very sensitive, schizo­phrenic girl.

Other complaints: Lower back pain. Acne.

Colour preference: 9DE (dark red). (See Ul­rich Welte's book on colour preferences)

Weather: > spring, < autumn Time:
Desire: meat
Aversion: celery (3)
Food: < cold food, < cold beer, spinach



A very prominent theme in this case is the abuse. He uses the word himself and feels abused by his wife and by his employer. This strongly indicates oxygen.

On the other hand he continues with his wife for twenty years, controlling himself strongly. He is very controlIed; maintaining his self-control at all times. This is also expressed in his avatar training, which is mind and thought control. Self-control is a theme of the Lanthanides, but especially of Terbium, which is Stage 11. Terbium has to maintain (Stage 11) self-control at all times. Once he goes into group psychotherapy and there he loses control and self-control. This is terrible for him; it feels to him as if he is falling into a black hole. This is another ex­pression ofthe Lanthanides; it is an expres­sion of the shadow of the mind.

When asked ab out his self-control he says that when he is too open and vulnerable others will take everything from him; he will be sucked dry. This can be translated as: keeping (Stage 11) self-contral (Lantha­nide) in order not to be taken (Oxygen), to be sucked dry (Oxygen). Another form is keeping (Stage 11) seIf-control (Lantha­nides, Terbium) in order not to let the shit (Oxygen) come out.



Lanthanides: Avatar training, yoga trainer, self-determination, averse to doctors, spiritual development, sensitive child, desire meat, autoimmune disease (Experience has shown that the Lan­thanides are very capable in curing autoimmune diseases. Besides this case many other examples can be found in my latest book "Se­cret Lanthanides" -

Oxygen: Crohn's disease, a stool problem, what is left over (Stage 16) of the body (Carbon series); abused and seduced by his wife, abused by his company,left alone by his father, caring for his hand­icapped (schizophrenie) child.

Differential diagnosis Stage 12 remedies

Dysprosium: there is more fighting to keep in control; he's just keeping contro!.

Thulium: The black hole is the same, but in Thulium it's complete. In Terbium it's there rarely, just as a glimpse, but it's mostly under complete contro!.

Sulphur: The marriage problems can indicate Sulphur; but the abuse is more extensive, both by the company and being left alone by the father, indicating Oxygen.



Terbium oxydatum MK



3-4 days after Terbium oxydatum MK he had an aggravation. There was a lot to do for the company he worked for. After that he improved. It was astonishing what he had done in that first month after the treatment. And it went well, even while he still had diar­rhoea. He could even drink cold beer. He felt much better.

His quality of life (on a scale from 0 to 100) improved from 65 to 80. He felt free and more cheerful; he could let things go. In the past he became moody with his complaints. Now he felt safe when he met people who were on the same level as himself. He discovered that he used to have an inferiority complex.

Now, three years after the start of the treatment, he realizes that there are no symptoms of the disease left.


1 Scholten J. Homoeopathy and the Elements. Utrecht: Stiehting Alonnissos, 1996
2 Scholten J. Secret Lanthanides. Utrecht: Stiehting Alonnissos, 2005
Jan Schalten, MD Servaasbolwerk 13 3512 NK Utrecht Netherlands